• Outdoor fitness

    Outdoor fitness devices! Do you wish to use fitness equipment outdoors,
    exercise and freely take care of your body condition?
    We have new fitness equipment.
    Look at the latest one that we recommend!

  • Metal constructions

    Metal devices are characterised by solidity,
    interesting forms, a rich colour scheme
    and light construction. Take a look at the interesting
    sets that playgrounds may consist of.
    Our metal – constructed playgrounds
    constitute a complement to the most representative
    recreational grounds in Poland.

  • On-line Catalogue

    See or download a catalogue including the complete offer of our products.

  • Skate park

    Move your imagination, put on your roller-blades,
    jump on the skateboard and conquer the world!
    Fun is the key, try to be the best - our latest
    offer includes new elements for skate parks!

About us

Being aware of the fact how active our children are as well as how great their need for outdoor activities is, Apis Company started to design, produce and install safe playgrounds for children. Our technologies and equipment have been improving for years.


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